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Creation of press release for slink GNOME update


at debian-gtk-gnome, we nearly finished creating a set of current
GNOME packages for slink. This update will be released as soon as we
get the fixe the final quirks. 

Therefore, we like to have a nice press release. Something in the
lines of "Debian releases update to make slink user use the current
GNOME desktop. Simple update with apt etc." something in that glory. 

You can check the prerelease of the webpage that eventually gets
included to www.debian.org at
http://www.debian.org/~martinb/gnome-slink.html for further
information and details. Details are subject to change, but you get
the picture. The update (for i386 so far) consists of ~35 MB binary

Currently it is not clear if the Debian mirror will also have the
update, or just www.debian.org. We also aim at distributing it through
gnome.org and its mirrors, but we didn't get an answer yet.

Contact debian-gtk-gnome if you need further details.

Thanks for you help,

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