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Re: Translation of release notes

*Adam Di Carlo wrote:

	I'm sorry. I should have said "Press Release", not "Release Notes"

> I'd forward my reply to Joey as well, but I'm not sure which Joey
> you're talking about.
	Martin Schulze

He apparantly released this to the press in some way in germany.  If I
understand correctly, there was no "international" (english) press release. 
Luis Gonzalez translated it into spanish.  There is a small thread on

> John> Debian 2.1, code-named "slink", was released not only for Intel
> John> x86 based machines, but also for Alpha, Motorola 680x0, and
> John> SPARC based machines.  The SPARC and Motorola distributions
> John> appear for the first time in this release.
> Incorrect -- the new arches were SPARC and Alpha.
	My fault, the german did not specify which were the two new ones.
> John> Debian is still based on the flexible .deb format. The powerful
> Why say "still" ?
	I'm not paid to think, just translate :-)
 (Maybe because people are adopting rpm)

> x86-centric.  Some shipped with the 2.0.35 kernels, some 2.0.34, some
> with 2.2.1 (sparc sun4u only).
	Yes, good point.

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