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Press Release

I have received some complaints about the time schedule I set.  As you
should have noticed I was going to the CeBIT exhibition at about 12am.
Since our public relations contact hasn't released a proper press
release and the publicity group hasn't done either somebody had to
step forward.  Since Slink was released 9 days ago already, we were
damn late.  There was no time to waste.  And since I only received one
reply to my first mail wrt. the press release I had to assume that
nobody was interested.  From my first announce until my release
there were about two days you could have answered.


I'm sorry (for you...).

Second thing: I apologize for only working on the German version, but my
time was too liminited to translate it.  Nils should be able to translate
it since he also speaks German and a very good English.

Of course, I don't mind if people are translating and redistributing the
press release.

I would also appreciate if the webmasters could put the press release as well
as translations on our web server.  I'm cc'ing to the -www list so here is
the URL for the release:


Best regards from CeBIT,


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