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introductory seminar on Linux

Anyone interested in providing something for this?


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Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:11:37 -0500
From: Martin Hebrank <heller@nacs.net>
To: info@caldera.com, info@suse.com, press@debian.org, suggest@redhat.com
Subject: Request for promotional materials.
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I'm the president of the Cleveland Linux Users Group and I've been
asked to do an introductory seminar on Linux at the Cleveland Know
Show (http://www.knowshow.com/). I'm writing to ask for any
promotional materials you'ld like to send me on the subject. The
audiance will likely not have any experience in Linux for use as
either a server or a graphic workstation.

You can send any materials to:
Martin Hebrank
c/o Cleveland Linux Users Group
825 Superior Avenue, Suite 425
Cleveland, OH 44114

** Martin Hebrank
President, Cleveland Linux Users Group

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