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Re: Debian representative for LinuxWorld (online mag)

Well, the only tip I can give is...  work work work on your visual

I have a contact with a convention display maker and I can probably get a
good overhead display made up for the convention (for free of course!).
This is something that we'll need to work on as far as design goes.

As I'll be flying in from South Florida, I might as well stay the whole

Feel free to correspond. :)

Take it easy :)

Charles Esteban Paul

       The Revolution Will Be Multicast

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> epsasnova wrote:
> > Excuse me for jumping into this thread - I just recently subscribed to
> > debian-publicity.  Have people already volunteered to help the Debian
> > effort in San Jose?
> Yes, I have a couple of volenteers now. Not enough, though.
> > I am willing to travel to the LinuxWorld Expo and help out with the Debian
> > team.  I was present for the Atlanta Linux Showcase and helped the debian
> > team with it's presentation.  
> Excellent! What days do you anticipate you'll be there and able to help man
> the booth? If you have any tips for me as I try to organize this thing and
> set up the booth, let me know.
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> see shy jo
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