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RE: Debian representative for LinuxWorld (online mag)


Sounds good to me.... Go for it.

On 26-Jan-99 James LewisMoss wrote:
> I posted about this shortly after Atlanta Linux Showcase but no
> decision was reached.  (The conversation just petered out.)  The
> people at the Linux World magazine are looking for a Debian person
> they can send questions to every once in a while.  
> A bit later after the conversation petered out I send a message to
> Robert McMillan to see if anyone has said they would be willing.  He
> indicated that no one had stepped up to say they were the person to do 
> it.
> I'm willing to answer questions for Mr McMillan and would be willing
> to act in this capacity (in fact at the current moment I am).  If
> anyone would like to object and put forward a better person please do
> (my feelings won't get hurt :), but until there is some consensus I
> figured I'd continue answering questions for LinuxWorld.
> Dres
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