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sponsorship at Linux Expo (Raleigh)

I've contacted the person dealing with booths at Linux Expo and found
that they don't provide booths for non-profits for either free or
discounted prices (just lovely) so depending on price (likely it's
much too high, and not important enough for either a group of
developers or Debian itself to pay for).  So the question is.  Does
anyone think it important enough to have a booth at Linux Expo in
Raleigh to attempt to get sponsorship from some of the Debian
supporters among the commercial world? And if so does it seem likely
that we could?

I don't have the info packet yet (should get it late this week or
early next) on actual prices so I can't post here about that yet(will
do so when I get the information), but just thought I'd post the
question now and see what people think.


PS: events@debian.org also mailed to to keep them up-to-date on

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