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Magazine article submission

I came across this... if anyone's interested, this might be good to do.


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Subject: First Call for Articles - Crossroads Magazine
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            Crossroads, the Association for Computing Machinery 
                        Student Magazine
                        Linux (Fall 1999)
              DUE DATE:           March 2, 1999 
              SUBMISSION ADDRESS:  xrds-submit@acm.org
              INFORMATION:         crossroads@acm.org

The Crossroads editorial staff invites authors to submit articles 
dealing with topics drawn from several areas pertaining to Linux.  
The following partial list of topics is provided to give prospective 
authors ideas for articles and is by no means exhaustive; other relevant 
topics will be considered.
- -History and future of Linux
- -Interaction between Linux and other operating systems; Interaction
between Linux and various windowing systems
- -Software development issues and projects; Compatibility and portability 
issues; Linux system administration
- -Linux and the Internet
- -Legal issues surrounding Linux and licensing
- -Productivity software and Linux
- -Linux Multimedia Development (e.g. 3D graphics rendering etc)

Articles should include a basic description of the kinds of problems
being worked on, the state of the art of research, the state of the art 
of commercial applications, open problems, or future research/commercial 
development trends. Interviews with researchers; reviews of related 
books, software, videos, or conferences; and opinion columns on related 
issues are also welcome.  We especially encourage both undergraduate and 
graduate students to submit articles. However, articles written or 
coauthored by professionals will also be considered.

Crossroads articles should be written for a broad audience.  They should 
be easily understandable by someone who has had only the most basic 
computer science instruction, and yet still be interesting to the 
advanced computer enthusiast.  Articles longer than 6000 words will 
generally not be considered for publication.  Feature articles should be 
between 1500 and 6000 words; reviews should be between 800 and 2000 
words; and opinion columns should be between 800 and 3000 words.
Articles should be written in a magazine style rather than a research
paper style.  In consideration of our diverse readership, authors should 
try to use language that is inclusive of people regardless of their 
gender, race, religion, nationality, or field of study.  Additional 
writing guidelines and submission information are available online at 
the Crossroads web site 

Crossroads is published both online and in print.  We have a print
circulation of about 15,000.  All back issues are available for free on 
our website.  Authors that have an article printed in Crossroads can 
receive complementary copies of the issue they were published in.

All submissions should be formatted in HTML or plain text format and
emailed to xrds-submit@acm.org.  Please include your submission in the 
body of your message: DO NOT include it as an attachment.  If you have 
any images or graphics, put them somewhere on your own website and use a 
full URL reference to them inside the article (example use img src=
http://www.myhome.edu/me/pic1.gif). Submissions are due March 2, 1999. 
They will be reviewed shortly thereafter and authors of accepted 
submissions will be notified within two to three weeks of the
deadline.  For detailed submission guidelines, see

Prospective authors are invited to send email to the editors of 
Crossroads at crossroads@acm.org indicating their 
intention to submit an article.  In this way we can keep everyone 
informed of any changes in deadlines or formats and to make sure we have 
a good variety of articles.  General  questions should also be sent to 
the Crossroads editors.

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