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Re: [Matthew_Graven@zd.com: Debian GNU/Linux]


another note about your first draft of the replies. I think the 
point-by-point titled list is a good one for your answer to number 4. 
I would just suggest shying away from one of the titles 'Legacy 
software.' If you look at the other titles 'upgradability, 
stability...' most of these seem "positive", but if you took these 
items entirely out of context or didn't include the explanations 
you included next to each title, one could read features of debian: 
'upgradability, stability, ..., legacy software'
Nowadays, legacy software has a "negative connotation". Don't get me 
wrong, I know what you mean and anyone with a some knowledge show 
know, but may be another title would be better suited.

who is running out of cents...

> Wow. PC magazine may include us in a story on Open Source software.

> 4.  What are the key features of GNU/Linux?
> Legacy software. We support old binaries as long as needed. Even though we have
> converted to libc6, we still support libc5.

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