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[carol.gerhardt@gte.net: the Linux Show]

Yet another item sent to webmaster that the publicity group should be
interested in.

Jay Treacy

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Subject: the Linux Show
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We wanted to bring to your attention "The Linux Show." The Linux Show will be a Radio/TV hybrid show that will begin broadcast on the Internet this month. The show will be a part of the content on the Tech Talk Network, made famous by Ken Rutkowski (the Tech Talk Show) and Jeff Yablon (The Computer Answer Guy). Because it is a part of the Tech Talk stable, it will also be syndicated internationally for satellite distribution to radio and TV stations around the world. The potential of this program is very exciting

Jeff Gerhardt and Chris Kolar (both of Pinnacle Internet Corporation) are developing the show. 

Jeff has been a member of the network computing community since 1975; a dinosaur by most peoples standards. Jeff is well known in Internet circles as both an innovative product developer and a savvy business executive. Jeff first became aware of Linux in 1996 when he was approached by a then fellow employee of WorldWide Access (a former major Midwest ISP) to create an "Alternic TLD" for Linux (LNX). Jeff has been fascinated by the development of Linux, and has been pitching the concept of doing a show based upon the community that has evolved around it for many months. Jeff?s on-air style is best described as animated and boisterous. 

Chris comes from the hallowed halls NCSA, and is in the process of getting a PHD in Cognitive Computing. Chris is well known for his expertise in developing "High Speed Community Networks;" having personally built one in Champaign Illinois, built another in Aurora Illinois and consulted on dozens of others. Chris is also very well known for being one of the key figures in the development of Illinois School District 204, as being the most technologically sophisticated school system in the world. Chris has been using Linux for several years. Although new to broadcasting, Chris has the smooth style of a college professor, with the uncanny ability to convey complicated topics and processes in plain English.

The show will start as a weekly one hour show, but will quickly evolve into a weekly 2 hour show. Each show will be broken into 15 minute segments. A show will be comprised of discussions and interviews with software/product manufactures. Each product may use a single or multiple 15 minute segments as the producers of the show see fit. Initial plans are to have one server product per show and 2 or more user/consumer products per show.

We are in the process of looking for developers and manufacturer?s who may be interested in having their products showcased on the program. We are also looking for sponsors for the program. We are also looking for sponsors for the IRC chat server and our web site as well. If interested please email tls@ibss.com with your phone number and you will be contacted.

Carol Gerhardt

Associate Producer

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