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Re: Debian Book

I like the idea of a book, and think it will do a lot for Debian.  I have an 
interesting idea... see what you think of this.

- We don't do one book, we do several
- each book focuses on a different part of debian and/or linux in general
- we write the outlines for all of the books (start with one big one, see 
how it develops, and then split as needed)

Here is my reasoning for this.

Several books look better on bookshelves, and each one can stand on its own 
merits.  People don't have to shell out $40, they can spend $5-$10 for just 
the sections they need.  With the outline done, different authors can 
volunteer for different sections.  And with the CD's we can still sell the 
books as a package if we want.


In message <[🔎] 199808162056.PAA00371@Anichar.fake.domain>, Seth Turner writes:
>I have seen a number of comments on Debian needing a book detailing things
>like installation, configuration, and the likes.
>What about getting a group of individuals together with the express intent 
>coming up with something to suit these needs?  I think that the group would 
>benefit by having a combination of both new and old users, that way the new 
>users could give accounts on what was/wasn't difficult to understand, while 
>old users could assist in technical details.
>Sure there are other books out there, but let's keep with the Debian 
>and make it free.  Let's put it into the distribution, ready to be printed.
>We could also offer a printed version for a fee, but not $40 just what it 
>take to print it, put it into a 3 ring binder, and ship it to the user.  
>a group of people willing to print, I think the demand could be met.
>How bout it guys? Ya wanna see Debian go over the top? Then it is time to 
>it more accessable to users and give new users a way to understand it a bit 
>Seth Turner aka Spiff  (New user wanting to help)

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