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Let's finish up the ad this week

We managed to miss another deadline. This time it was not entirely
our fault as the people at LJ have not replied to my last mail.

Ean would like to create the final version in one shot. The following
is a list of things that need to be changed. This should be finalized
by Thursday night as I'm going out of town on Friday.

The logo image is quite grainy. There is a postscript version at
http://www.debian.org/logos that can hopefully be inserted so the
image is of high quality.

Take out all version numbers and the explicit mention of apache (due
to their use of one of those annoying advert clauses in their license).
What was used in the 2.0 announcement is a good start:
    All the favorites: gcc, egcs, XFree86, web servers, GIMP, SQL

Please be specific in any requests for changes. We should finish this
so we can get on to other things.

Jay Treacy

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