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Re: LSL "Official" CDs [Fwd: COMMERCIAL: Debian 2.0 Official; My Debian!]

In message <m0z2zOJ-0004mqC@eros.cs.hut.fi>, Lars Wirzenius writes:
>Martin Schulze:
>> Lars Wirzenius wrote:
>> > Yes. Also, an announcent to cola telling where the CD image we produced
>> > is, is going to be approved. I checked that with mjr, the moderator.
>> Wasn't this done with the official press release from Nils?
>Yes. However, it seems that people haven't read the announcement. Or at
>least the CD manufacturers haven't. (Mailing them as well as announcing
>in cola would probably be a good idea.) The announcement just mentions
>that CD images are available somewhere, and it might be a good idea to
>stress the fact that we have tested our images and would like them to be
>used by CD manufacturers. Oh, and not only CD manufacturers, but people
>making their own CD-R's as well, some of them also seem to be confused.

  I think what's needed (as Guy mentioned a few messages ago) is something 
along the lines of a README that classifies what's considered official in 
terms of a CD and what's not.  I should also (when mailing out release 
announcements) send something to the list of CD vendors directly telling 
them where to get the images from and what needs to be done in order to call 
them official.

  I'll cross post this to -publicity, and we can discuss what should be 
contained in such a README and in an announcement to vendors.  I'll also add 
that to the (soon to be on the Debian web site) publicity pages.

  If anyone has ideas as to what should be in these documents, please send 
them to me or to -publicity.  I've set reply-to: to debian-publicity.

Thanks, Nils.

Nils Lohner				E-Mail: lohner@debian.org
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