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Re: Debian release announcement translation to Hebrew

The announcement on debian-announce is the official one.  As far as I know 
noone is translating it into Hebrew so far.  When it is finished, please 
email it to me ant to joey@debian.org so we can also add it to our web 
pages.  If you have any more questions, drop me a line or post them to 

Thanks, Nils.

In message <35B8042A.6897D3F0@gezernet.co.il>, Amos Shapira writes:
>I'd like to have a go on translating the official debian Hamm release
>Press Release in order to forward to some technical magazines here in
>Israel.  Is the one posted to debian-announce the official one
>to be translated?  Where can I get a copy of the authoritative version?
>Do I need appruval from anyone before doing so? (I'm a Debian developer,
>if that matters, and I don't expect many people on any Debian forum to
>be able to read the translated version (:-)).
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