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Re: DRAFT v3: Debian 2.0 "Hamm" Released

lohner@debian.org wrote:
> - Destinations: slashdot, freshmeat, LJ, LWN  Know any more good ones?


> Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 'Hamm' has officially been released for the i386 and 
> m68k architectures.
> It can be obtained in several ways:
> FTP:       ftp://ftp.debian.org/pub/debian/  
> CD-ROM:    http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors (list of distributors)

Should add a trailing / to that url to make it valid (above works, but isn't
really valid).

I think this line would be more consistent written as:

CD-ROM distributors:	http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors/

> CD Images: http://cdimage.debian.org/

We need to make sure that page gets updated to say that the cd images
on it are final.

> Debian development distributions for Alpha, Sparc, and PowerPC are also 
> available under the "unstable" tree from the FTP site.  They will likely be 
> released with Debian 2.1 'Slink.'

I dislike putting this paragraph here. This is near the top of the
announcement, one of the first things a user will read, and it promises
something in a future release of debian. Move it to the end.

> * Debian is 100% Free Software. Our goal is to help keep Linux free.
> * Over 2000 precompiled software packages.
> * Over 300 developers, the largest staff of any Linux distribution.
> * The largest pre-release testing program in the Linux world.
> * Free on-line support from our large, friendly user community on the
>   debian-user mailing list and chat forums.
> * Floppy-less install directly from CD, or single floppy install
>   using NFS or hard disk.
> * Automatic upgrades via CD, FTP, NFS, or disk.
> * Bug tracking system is publicly accessible on our web server, and users
>   users are encouraged to access the system and provide feedback.
> * Anyone can duplicate and sell our Official CD, at no charge!
> * Compatible with RPM and Slackware packages.

> * Debian is maintained through a volunteer effort!

I don't think this last line adds anything to the message. Also, it
duplicates text in the about debian section below.

> Debian GNU/Linux is a free distribution of the Linux operating system. It is 
> maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their 
> time and effort.

I'd merge this into the Why Debian section.

> For further information, please send email to press@debian.org or visit the 
> Debian homepage at http://www.debian.org.

Add a trailing / to that url to make it valid.

see shy jo

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