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Re: Debian ad: down to 2 choices

> The first of the ads at http://www.novare.net/~ean/debads.html
> (The Gnu Way to do Linux) makes a point and does it well (but it would
> have been nice to have a little color, and a little fun, which is
> what I get out of Cap'n BlueEyes).
If you hadn't noticed, Ean is a tad biased against Cap'n BlueEyes.
I'm not sure how he'll take it if we decide to use his entry, but
put Cap'n in the ad. Hmmm, since he owns the copyright, he could refuse
to grant us the use of the ad. :)

> On the other hand, I sure hope no one is planning on printing the 
> "Size does matter" ad.  That is _seriously_ offensive.
Where's your sense of humor today? If Taco Bell can get away with it,
why can't we? Seriously, that was not meant as a contender and I believe
I stated in the mail I sent that the first entry on the page was the one
we were considering.

Jay Treacy

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