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Re: "Powered by Debian"

Lalo Martins wrote:
> Someone on IRC just noticed that the license to the official
> logo prohibits us from sticking it to our homepages as in
> "Powered by Debian"
> "Get Debian now!"
> etc. unless the content of the page itself is at least 50%
> Debian-related. That's bad. One less way to make publicity.
> Actually, I will have to remove mine.
> Sollutions:
> 1: change the license

I think to change the 50% clause would be the best solution. As Lalo
pointed out the license makes it in many cases impossible to promote
Debian using the official logo. If I was a CD vendor I can not offer
Debian together with more than 50% Red Hat or Caldera on the same page
or I'm not allowed to show the logo!? 

> 2: come up with a different one, maybe an "official" PBD seal
> and an "official" Get Debian button.

This would be a good idea for all the people out there who want to use
such a thing but not to create it themselves. I'd like to see such a

As some are currently working to get a debian ad into the next LJ issue
I wonder why we don't try to find people who are willing to present a
debian ad-banner on their page. Perhaps on Slashdot or... a site where
also non Linux users pass by? Someone having an idea?

To get an impression how such a banner could look like check:

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