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creating an ad for the Linux Journal

LJ is currently working on the September issue. I was not given the
deadline for submissions, but it is safe to say that it is less than
1 month away. :)

No one has come forward yet to start working on the ad. I have negligible
drawing ability, otherwise I'd work on something. What little I know of
advertising is we need to answer the basics:
  Who:  Debian
  What: version 2.0, fully glibc, updateable in place, latest X, etc...
  When: good question. I hope it is safe to assume we'll have 2.0 out
        by September though.
  Where: point to our homepage and also to http://www.debian.org/vendors.html

Please, if you have any artistic ability, start doodling and see if you can
come up with a good ad for us.

Below is the information I was sent regarding what formats they will accept.

Carlie Fairchild from LJ wrote:
> We can accept film or an eps file. If it is film, we need it to be
> right reading, emulsion down negatives with a screen value of 133 line.
> Total dot density: 160% maximum. Proofs are required.
> The next issue we are working on is the September 1998 issue of LJ. 
> (It will hit the newsstands mid August.) If you are interested in
> aiming to get an ad in that issue, let me know and I will get you
> dates.

Jay Treacy

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