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Linux Trials

  I'm very happy to hear that you have decided to try the Linux operating 
system alongside of the others you have installed.  There is a big community 
on the Internet currently using this OS, and there are a lot of 
organizations that offer information and/or help if any problems should 
  Debian GNU/Linux (http://www.debian.org) is one of these organizations.  
Debian is a free distribution of the Linux operating system. It is 
maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their 
time and effort.  If you would like any more information, feel free to 
contact me or browse through our web pages.  Otherwise, good luck with your 
'Linux Experience!'

  Nils Lohner.

Nils Lohner				E-Mail: lohner@debian.org
Debian GNU/Linux Press Contact          Press:  press@debian.org

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