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Re: advertising debian in Linux Journal

This would be a great idea. I think it would be good to tie it in with the 
release of Hamm, and also when the new web pages are in place.  I think that 
kind of exposure would be great, we just need to make sure that everything 
image-related is ready for it (web pages, Hamm release information, a more 
detailed future roadmap, etc...).

Maybe LJ can even give us a price break on this advertising because we're 
'non commercial'?


In message <[🔎] m0ycXyc-000DGsC@landru.math.uwaterloo.ca>, "James A.Treacy" 
>If we want Debian to get wider acceptance, we will have to
>eventually take the plunge and buy some advertising.
>I feel that time is now.
>We should have the funds to buy space in LJ.
>If the people on debian-publicity feel this is a good idea,
>I could make some inquiries into the cost. As we have had offers
>of donation of graphical services before (related to the logo)
>we could probably have a professional ad made for free.
>If the cost is acceptable and we have a good ad, we should be
>able to sell this idea to the rest of the developers.
>Jay Treacy
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