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Re: Request

> Dear Sirs,
> maybe this is not the correct e-mail address, but please repost this message to the Debian staff.
As requests such as this come to me regularly, I am prepared to answer this. I have
included our publicity department in the reply so they will be aware of this and
will release a statement when the magazine is distributed.

> I'm the Editorial Manager of Diemme Editori, an editorial company from Italy.
> We produce the famousn italian magazine "IoProgrammo", about programming languages,
> theories and technics. We would like to include your products in our CD-ROMs attached
> to our magazine. We wonder your official authorization.
This is just the kind of publicity that Debian likes. We appreciate your asking
our permission, but it is actually unnecessary. All the software in our main
distribution is free and has no restrictions on redistribution. For more
information on this see http://www.debian.org/social_contract.html .

To make it easier for people to create a CD of Debian we have created images
for you already (see ftp://ftp.debian.org/OfficialCD/1.3.1/README.txt for details).
Note that because of the large amount of software that we have it take 2 CDs
for the Official distribution.

We are in the middle of testing Debian 2.0 and should be out around the end of this
month (April). If you are not in a great rush, waiting for the new release will
give you an even better version of Debian for people to use. It is based on
libc6 and has the latest release of Xfree86 and many security improvements.

It would be appreciated if you send a message to debian-publicity@lists.debian.org
when you distribute the magazine with Debian in it so they can prepare a
press release.

> Luigi Caputo, Eng.
> Diemme Editori, Italy

Jay Treacy

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