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The troublesome Schuessler yaks...

Ok, I would like to preface this by saying that any opinions that are
outlined in this message are precisely opinions and that I don't want
to intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. With that out of the way I
would like to comment on the "captain blue eye" logo that we have
selected yet again.

This logo is broken, busted, screwed, wrong, bad, ugly, unreadable, a
mistake, poor judgement, and entirely the Wrong Thing(tm) for us to be
using. I know that is probably not the opinion of some of the
developers on the Debian lists and I apologize but to the neurons in
my skull it is the plain God's honest truth.

When someone out there is pitching Debian to their managers and the
logo that those managers see is "captain blue eye" they are not going
to think "Wow! This is a stunning and revolutionary reorganization of
the models that we have come to understand in corporate business
computing!"... They are going to think "I'll be f*cked if I am going
to run my business on this obviously amaturish garage hack." Then they
will either be wooed by the 4-color, produced by professionals, full
page adds of Caldera and Red Hat or worse yet they will just install

Some possible responses to my stance on this:

"Who cares what they install, this is about developers not newbie
users. I could care less what the newbies think."

"Yeah? Well tell that to your managers at work when you sit down and
have to use that Redmond manufactured abomination that newbies are so
very fond of."

"I think that captain blue eye looks good."

"I think that using captain blue eye is roughly the aesthetic
equivalent of switching the Debian distribution back to libc5 a.out."

"Shut up, your irritating!"

"Very well. (#!$@)"

Ean Schuessler                                                Freak
Novare International Inc.                             Freak Central
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