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As to the illegal overtones of the prisoner I think that this is present
in any sort of imprisonment motif. Locks, chains, jails, etc. All of
these imply imprisonment and therefore imply suppression by authority
and therefore illegality. The truth of the matter is that software
patents and intellectual property law do imprison the average
programmer and constrict their movements. It is only by a quirk of the
legal system that the GPL turns the guns back on them in a legally
legitimate manner. 

I think that the prisoner motif is cogent.

<embittered sarcasm>
Of course we could use xpaint to scrawl an illegible image of a dove 
with a cdrom in its beak flying over a rainbow. 
</embittered sarcasm>

ps. I apologize in advance for the above flame bait.
Ean Schuessler                   An oderless programmer work-a-like
Novare International Inc.                     Silent and motionless
--- Some or all of the above signature may be a joke

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