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Re: Need "100% Free Software" logo

On Sun, Dec 14, 1997 at 04:34:47PM -0000, bruce@va.debian.org wrote:
> > Shouldn't we be looking for a logo involving broken shackles or some such ?
> > 
> > Cheers, Phil.
> I thought about that, and came to the conclusion that not having freedom was
> expensive. However, I agree that broken shakles is a better symbol. Just how
> to draw it is not clear to me, though. Take a look at the Open Hardware logo.
> It's over-complicated for a logo, but I could not get the concept across
> with less.

How about the aborted FreeOS logo I pitched some time ago. It is ruthlessly
well executed.

Perhaps it could be narrowed down to just the copyright ball and chain
if your think the prisoner is too complex. I think that the prisoner could
be graphically simplified though.

Look at:

Ean Schuessler                   An oderless programmer work-a-like
Novare International Inc.                     Silent and motionless
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