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Re: Debian Logos...

Regarding http://www.novare.net/~ean/debian

It is a nice effort in graphics, but I think it has some problems as
a logo.

The D and G are opposites in figure-vs.-ground . The figure-vs.-ground
technique is explicitly for confusing the eye. This is singularly
inappropriate for a logo, as you want _rapid_recognition_ by the eye
rather then confusion.

It's based on roman letters - this is a problem because what do you
recognize? The letters D and G, which you have already been trained to
recognize, rather than the "debian symbol". And of course this has no
meaning at all for someone who does not write in roman letters.

I's got a "3D look", this makes it more difficult to print.

I think it's important to look at a logo for a very short time without any
prejudice (less than 1/2 second), and then think to yourself "what did I
see?". The immediate answer should be "the debian logo". It should not be
confused with anything else like two letters, the "Tux" the penguin, etc.



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