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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen

From: Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com>
> Good choice.  You forgot to give some credit to the artist (Simon?)

That's why. All I have is "Simon?".

> Do you think SPI should trademark it?

Yes, definitely, right away. It turns out that it is absurdly easy to
file for a trademark, I did the "debian" one in about half an hour.
See www.uspto.gov . When that $200 check I wrote the government comes
through, I'll bill it back to the project. I suggest that someone in
the U.S. do the trademark application for the Debian logo as SPI
is a U.S. corporation. Please coordinate with Ian Jackson.

> Conversely, the Linux penguin by Larry Ewing was included in the kernel
> source - so I imagine that means it is covered by the GPL.  Actually,
> Larry grants permission to use/modify it on his web page.

Larry holds a common law trademark (go read www.uspto.gov if you don't
believe in those). He can register it if he wishes, but he has rights
whether or not he registers it.



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