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Re: logo objectives

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, E Papantoniou wrote:

> In my opinion, before selecting a logo we must be clear about the objectives.
> It must be simple: so the two animals together cannot coexist, they make the
> logo too complex. To choose only one of the two would be unfair. So we must
> choose a DIFFERENT animal (since plain text is considered BORING). In this 
> way we also satisfy the criterion of UNIQUENESS (ie Debian will be something
> special - which it is anyway, it is the only free linux any more).
> Credit to GNU and Linux is given in a text basis (ie with the inclusion of
> the words GNU/Linux, which also should be fairly small so that they don't
> take the focus away from Debian).
> To summarise and conclude: 
> One animal
> The word DEBIAN with large fonts
> The words GNU/Linux with smaller fonts

OK, I totally agree with the above discussion, but must it be an animal?
I'm open to any symbol that I think can be associated with Debian.
Imho it also includes abstract figures that don't really mean anything but
may give a certain feeling!

If we go for an animal I think we should go for one that associates to
freedom (as you pointed out: Debian is FREE) therefore an eagle is
good (it may be a bit American though?!?).

/Fredrik Ax

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