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Re: Brief update about software freedom and artificial intelligence

On Fri, 24 Feb 2023 at 01:03, Roberto A. Foglietta
<roberto.foglietta@gmail.com> wrote:

About this in the following I wish to add a link to a very interesting
article that I found and which expresses a reasonable concern about
the mass adoption of a potentially manipulative technology like A.I.
can be. And probably, it will be because the stake on the table is too
high for preventing someone from leveraging it as soon as possible.

>  The A.I. is a great challenge for humanity, especially because of the
> ethical approach which requires. Ethics is not an option because there
> are a lot of things that can go wrong with A.I. - last but not least
> their use. The next challenge is about who is going to control this
> technology: a proprietary solution under the control of a single
> company or a companies cartel under the same nation flag. This will
> easily bring us to see a strong concentration which means: 1. no
> freedom, 2. no equality, 3. no innovation because of the lack of
> competition. The worst is the lack of freedom because everything else
> depends on it.


Gaspard Koenig: <<If we adopt ChatGPT and its avatars today, we will
be sorry in a few years that half of humanity has become flat-earthers

The epistemological bankruptcy of ChatGPT, a chronicle to read is here:


In this sense, ChatGPT is the exact opposite of Wikipedia, which
despite all its faults, maniacally cites its sources and tries to
bring out an objective truth from processes of deliberation between
human contributors. Wiki's strength lies in its business model:
giving. In contrast, the likely introduction of targeted advertising
in chatbots will complete the deconstruction of knowledge by
subjecting it to the vagaries of the market.

Progress is not about blindly embracing all "innovation" but about
learning from mistakes. We now know the phenomena of the cognitive
bubble. If we adopt ChatGPT and its avatars today, we will be sorry in
a few years that half of humanity has become platist. Let's not let a
handful of post-teens in Silicon Valley abolish the norm of truth.


I hope this helps to acknowledge and convince us - as the open-source
and software-libre community - about the great responsabilitiy that is
a burden on our shoulders. Such a responsibility cannot be delegate to
a few because the stake on the table is too high, thus we all are
involved less or more depending on our ability to contribute.

Best regards, R-

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