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Re: thanks.debian.net

On Sat, 2023-02-18 at 13:45 +1100, Stuart Prescott wrote:
> Thomas Hochstein wrote:
> > <https://ircbots.debian.net/misc/debiandotnet> says
> > > Last Modified: Sat, May 26 00:37:36 UTC 2012
> Is this listing of debian.net domains something that is useful to
> keep published and have the listing updated from cron?

I note that the wiki page says this:

   Please respect debian.net domain holders and do not add domains here
   without permission of the people running the domain(s) you wish to add. 


> Is there a more sensible website where this could live?

www.debian.net would be the logical place but it redirects to www.d.o,
so maybe on the debian.net team's website if it is wanted:




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