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Re: The European chat control law could block the functioning of open source operating systems

Roberto A. Foglietta wrote:
> Mullvad, a well-known VPN service provider, focuses attention on one
of the most unfortunate consequences of the proposed law that aims to
force messaging apps to scan users' personal messages: open source
software repositories and archives could become illegal.
> In May 2022, the European Commission put forward a bill that could
force messaging apps to scan private messages exchanged between normal

Thanks for reporting. I wasn't aware of that.
At least in my country (Italy), I'm pretty sure that scanning private
messages is forbidden by our Constitution. I suppose it is forbidden
in other jurisdictions as well.
I'm quite fed up with the European Commission trying (and often
succeeding) to force legislation on EU member countries.
Let me urge everybody to do what they can to reject such attempts.


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