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How to Teach Online Courses


The Debian Academy initiative aims to organize courses and other forms of online teaching/training about things related to Debian, especially for people that want to get involved directly in the Debian Community, either with package building or with translation, infrastructure maintenance, publicity, community development, etc. Ideally, every Debian Team or Debian Project should organize at least one course (or training) that can help newcomers to get involved in their activities in the most easy and friendly way.

This initiative (Debian Academy) started a couple of years ago. I came to know about it during the last DebConf (in Prizren). As a participant in the conference (it was the first time for me) I really enjoyed the training organized by the Video Team, and then participating as a volunteer for recording the talks. I wish that Debian Academy has the same kind of spirit for teaching and knowledge sharing, that makes a community vital and vibrant.

To get things started, I am organizing a training program about how to teach online courses (since I do have some experience with such courses). I'd like to share  my experience with other members of the Debian Community, hoping that they will become teachers in turn, for sharing their knowledge and skills with the others.

If this seems interesting to you, please register at this event (which also contains a more detailed description of the training): https://events.fs.al/event/1/
I promise that it will be easy and fun, and even if you don't start your own course by the end of this training, there is nothing you can lose by participating.
I certainly enjoy preparing and teaching it, and I'd be happy to interact with the participants.

By the way, for the time being I am using my own teaching infrastructure for the course (Moodle, BigBlueButton, etc.). But if the idea of Debian Academy gets some support and momentum in the community, we can request some resources from the Debian project and build the necessary infrastructure on it.

The course starts on Sep 17 (Saturday), and the registration is closed on Sep 15, so hurry up with the registration. If you have any questions or discussions about the Debian Academy, you can join this mailing list: https://lists.debian.org/debian-academy/

Kind regards,

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