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Re: question with the Debian Project

On Fri, 2022-07-29 at 17:13 +0800, 桑猛 wrote:

>  Hello debian,I am a user of debian system and belong to the company
> Loongson Zhongke. We have our own loongarch architecture.

Please check out our documentation on how to create new Debian ports,
it has the steps you will need to get LoongArch supported by Debian
and there is a wiki page for the status of loongarch64 in Debian.


To update the wiki pages, please register an account and click edit.

> Now we want to adapt our loongarch architecture based on debian12 or
> debian13. We would like to get the version of some packages on debian
> 12 and Debian 13 to help us choose which version to use as our next
> system version.

According to the documentation above, new official ports are based
solely on Debian unstable/sid, which is constantly being updated with
new versions daily, at least until the freeze for bookworm in 2023.


Probably there isn't enough time before the freeze to include
loongarch64 within the official Debian ports, so the first official
Debian release that could include loongarch64 would be 13 (trixie).

If you are talking about an unofficial loongarch64 port available
outside of Debian, then you should base your next release of the port
on the next available release of Debian, which is 12 (bookworm) and is
constantly being updated with new versions, at least until the freeze.

Please note that there is talk of a tier system for Debian ports and
that work is likely to change some of the new port process details.




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