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Re: Rethink about who we (Debian) are in rapid dev cycle of deep learning

On Sat, Jan 15, 2022 at 10:45:35AM +0100, Davide Prina wrote:
> On 14/01/22 07:01, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:


> > That said, to have a workable face recognition, [...] you'll have to collect
> > consent from all those face "providers".
> I think that is not so simple. The reply can be very long and articulated, I
> will try to be very concise and let you know some points that I think can be
> very "interesting".

Basically, we do agree: perhaps "collect consent" was a bit sloppy and
suggested an one-time action. That wasn't what I wanted to convey -- for
each image you use in your training set, you'd have to keep enough
metadata to document the person's consent (and to make revocation
possible). At each change, you'd have to re-train your model (or do
something equivalent).


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