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Re: Debian and GitLab Open Source Partnership

On 2021-07-26 01 h 50, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 07:59:26PM +0200, Geert Stappers wrote:
>> On Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 06:19:37PM +0200, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
>>> Donald Norwood <donald@debian.org> writes:
>>>> Dear all,
>>>> Debian and GitLab have been in discussion regarding an Open Source
>>>> Partnership toward which we will jointly produce mutual promotions,
>>>> shared stories, and announcements using both organizations press and/or
>>>> publicity channels.
>>       ...
>>> Out of the blue, without any more context and content,
>> ???
>> "Debian" and "Gitlab" are speaking with each other
>> since the very start of "Salsa".
>>> I am not sure to be happy with this news.
>> To me is the news  that "press" and "marketing" are more involved.
>> Because I assume good faith, I allow meself to focus on other stuff
>> in (Debian) life.
>>> To me, such a partnership is something quite stronger than sponsorship
>>> and I'd be a bit ill-at-ease with it being done without the whole Debian
>>> Members being consulted.
>> Yes, a DD is allowed to represent the project.
>>> Last but not least, what kind of data would be shared regarding how we
>>> use gitlab in Debian?
>> Please give the (humble) Salsa admins time to elaborate.
>> I have no insight information about "the data",
>> but imagine (dull??) statistics on accounts, active accounts, projects,
>> active projects.
>> I do trust my fellow Debian Developers to deal wisely with it.
>> For (gory??) details I recomment to join the Salsa admin team.
> To be honest - and to my suprise - we weren't involved in this
> discussions. We don't share any personal data and we won't do that.
> We share rough numbers (numbers of projects, users,
> groups, storage used), but we also do that regulary in talks (at least
> when there were real conferences). 
> Alex - Salsa Admim
I was under the assumption the Salsa Team would somehow benefit from
this partnership in some way (technical help, extra resources, etc.),
but I guess it's not the case. Thanks for clarifying.

I'm not sure I understand what Debian has to gain from this "Partnership".

More media exposure? I don't think we really need it: the Publicity Team
was already doing a great job.

More money? Gitlab is a silver sponsor for DebConf21, but so are ARM,
Ubuntu, HRT, Two Sigma and Globo.

Although I'm happy Gitlab the git forge exists, Gitlab the enterprise
(Gitlab BV) is a for-profit, venture-capital backed entity. If we're OK
partnering with them for more exposure [1], why are we not partnering
with other similar enterprises?

DSA has been using Puppet forever to maintain their infrastructure. Why
not strike a partnership with them?

If anything, I think this muddies Debian's image more than promotes it.
Had Gitlab BV been a non-profit, I don't think this would've been a
problem to me.


[1]: Clearly this is rhetorical, I'm not.

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