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Re: Debian and GitLab Open Source Partnership


> Debian and GitLab have been in discussion regarding an Open Source
> Partnership toward which we will jointly produce mutual promotions,
> shared stories, and announcements using both organizations press and/or
> publicity channels.
> There are several segments for this upcoming and future endeavor which
> include a few requests from them on: How Debian uses GitLab for a case
> study, some highlighting and promotion from us regarding their upcoming
> GitLab Commit 2021 Conference, mutual support with media (peertube for
> example), and a hand in hand expansion of both our press/publicity
> networks to promote each others work where applicable.

Without the intention to criticise the idea in general, has the responsible team considered any conflicts between GitLab's practices how they do open core rather than free software, and the DFSG? Are they compatible?

Will this partnership help improving the use and support of GitLab in Debian, i.e. will GitLab start supporting the GitLab packaging efforts in Debian, and help the Salsa team?


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