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Re: forums.debian.net - who's in charge?

On 16087 March 1977, Martin Meredith wrote:

Nominally, I was put in charge a while back, as whoever was in charge
of it at the time didn’t want to be involved any more, and there was a
need for something to be done related to the software/server (I can’t
quite remember) - which is where Joerg was involved.

And yup, thats where I was, well still am, in.

I *do* have admin access on the web part too, but I always said I won't use that for normal day-to-day forums stuff, only when required for machine maintenance works.

So yeah, I have access, but I am not really interested in the user facing part of it. If someone (a team, possibly with tight connections to Debian, so contributor/project member?!) is, I am (and I think Martin too) are happy to hand out access on the web.

bye, Joerg

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