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Re: Debian and fingerprint readers

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Pearson <markpearson@lenovo.com> writes:

    Mark> Hi all, Not sure the right forum to raise this - please
    Mark> redirect me as appropriate :)

    Mark> I was checking Debian on my Lenovo P1 G3 today (using testing
    Mark> latest) and figured I'd have another stab at getting the
    Mark> fingerprint working - something I've not had much success with
    Mark> previously on Debian.

    Mark> It turned out to be really quite easy - just installed fprintd
    Mark> and libpam-fprint and the reader is working nicely.

    Mark> Is there any interest, as fingerprint reader functionality is
    Mark> now improving so much on Linux, to have these packages
    Mark> installed by default?  All the new Linux certified Lenovo
    Mark> laptops should work - and I'm pretty sure other vendors have
    Mark> the same. I'm not sure how it's decided which packages are
    Mark> installed by default or if this is a controversial request :)

As you've seen  Debian as a whole is not the best at having discussions
like this.
Fortunately we're good at delegating.

I'm not sure we want these packages installed by default on a server for

For an environment that is trying to compete with Mac or say ChromeOS, it seems
fairly clear we would want that feature.
The parts of Debian that are trying to do that are some of the desktop
So, I'd approach the maintainers of Gnome and KDE and see if they are
interested in recommending this functionality.


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