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Re: Question about repositories

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 04:52:34PM +0330, negin jafari wrote:
> Dear sir or madam,
> I am a university Student trying to learn a lot of things about Debian.
> I searched all the website about list of repositories but I could only find the link below :
> http://ftp.acc.umu.se/debian/ <http://ftp.acc.umu.se/debian/>
> Is there only one repository for Debian or are there more ? What are their links?
> Is there any security repository or source repositories ? What are their links?
> I really need to know this and I’d  be really thankful for your answer.

There are several possibilities to aproach that, depending on your
needs. I will list two of them:

1. You know which package you are interested in

Each package has its own repository. Those are not necessarily
git, although this seems to be the most common option these
days. Note that git wasn't even invented when Debian started!

You'll find the packages via


For example, let's assume you are interested in "emacs25": you
search from the above page and find a couple of hits (in my case
three: one for stretch, one for buster, one for buster-updates.

Let's go with the "buster" one. That would be the URL


To the right, you see a small pane "Links for emacs25"; below that
there's a section "Debian Resources". Go to the link "developer
information". This leads you to


There, under the section "general", there's an entry "VCS" [1];
in our case this leads to


2. You are looking for something in the sources

There is an unified view on all the package sources


There you can either search by package name or do a full text
search on the source.

Let's assume you are looking for something called "make_incremental_updates":
you enter that into the corresponding box above and hit "Search Code",
and you are led to


You'll get the pieces of source code matching that query, listing
packages and other info.


[1] This means "version control system"

 - tomás

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