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Re: Keysigning in times of COVID-19

Quoting Enrico Zini (2020-08-06 17:54:21)

> Practically, I feel like most of the time people's policies match what 
> are the perceived expectations of the rest of the project. Meeting in 
> person has always been a good safe bet, if only for the reson that 
> it's been accepted without question for many years.
> It's time to review those expectations.
> For example, speaking of myself only, if my goal is to raise the cost 
> of impersonation or sock puppet identities, then probably signing 
> someone's key after having worked with them online for a significant 
> time, would require a much higher cost than showing up at a keysigning 
> party with a fake ID good enough to fool me.


> What do you think could be alternative key signing policies, that 
> would be acceptable to you, that would not require traveling and 
> meeting face to face?

A rule that I try to apply for my key-signing, and which I think ties 
into your interesting reflections here, is that I will sign the key of 
someone whom I feel I would be able to recognize if randomly bumping 
into them years later on a bus.

It forces me to try pay attention to the person for long enough that 
they make a (hopefully) lasting impression on me.  Often I suggest that 
we sit for a moment and they tell something about themselves.  Not an 
interview or a test, just as an aid in etching an impression.  Sometimes 
we end up hanging out for longer than "needed".  Sometimes the 
atmosphere is too hectic and we cannot find the calm to tune in - and 
then delay the "session".

I've practiced my rule mostly with in-person meetings - also because I 
enjoy meeting people face to face.  But a few times I have felt 
comfortable that I "knew" someone after working for some time with them 
online, without having had the opportunity to meet physically.

It feels reliable to me to trust a passport, and it feels unreliable to 
me to skip it.  But I find it helpful to try challenge that feeling and 
try peel off what is simply habit.

Thanks for bringing this up, Enrico,

 - Jonas

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