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file not showing up in Synaptic

file listed on your site as a dependency, but not showing up in Synaptic and there is no link next to its name:
xserver-xorg-core (>= 2:
It is needed for nouveau (Nvidia drivers). 
I have Debian 10 non-free and think I update regularly enough, but some of those dependencies listed DID indeed need to be downloaded through Synaptic. 
I am a noob, so am not sure how to check if I have/need that one file.
I'll try for the 5th time to reinstall my GPU  and hope that one file isn't what causes problems.
Finding the info for nouveau and/or Linux freeware was like pulling teeth (my own). These Linux sites don't think it is important to put dates on their pages or links to find out if the versions they speak of are current.  I accidentally installed ancient files.

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