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Re: Java 7 with debian Stretch

On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 12:22:13PM +0200, Sven Haubold wrote:
> Is there a Java 7 version for debian stretch?
There is not an official package of OpenJDK 7 built for stretch.
However, you have several options:

 - take the openjdk-7 source package from jessie and rebuild it on
 - download the openjdk-7 binary packages from jessie and attempt to
   install them on stretch (this may require also downloading and
   installing other packages to satisfy dependencies; it might work
   better by using "apt pinning")
 - continue running jessie
 - download the binary Oracle JDK 7 from the Oracle download site (may
   require a support contract with Oracle, or you might be able to
   obtain a several years old version from the archive site)
 - consider using one of the forks (e.g., Amazon Corretto) that has a
   supporting organization behind it

Keep in mind, though, that OpenJDK 7 is end of life at this point that
that using it for public Internet-facing services or other untrusted
environments will become increasingly less safe as new vulnerabilities
are discovered.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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