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Re: [External] Re: ThinkPad laptops preinstalled Linux

 ❦  3 juin 2020 13:39 +00, Mark Pearson:

> As an important example - the X1 Carbon 7 (which is a popular machine)
> still doesn't work well with any version of Debian (including
> experimental or testing) as the audio is broken. Debian users have to
> jump through a few hoops to get it to work. I've let the maintainer
> know a number of times what is involved to fix that but it's obviously
> not a priority (as a heads up - Debian on most Lenovo 2020 platforms
> is going to suck because of this too). I'm not meaning to point
> fingers - but just explain why it feels as if Debian and the latest
> hardware is an awkward fit.

I have the mentioned X1 Carbon. Currently, in unstable, we have the
kernel and Alsa. We need to pull PulseAudio from experimental and add a
patch. I was hoping PulseAudio upstream would release 13.99.2 for Debian
to pick. I can work on getting the patch in Debian in the meantime.

Then, we need the SOF firmwares, currently not in Debian. I see
you have #960788. I just got aware of it through #962134. I am happy to
help you on this package and get it uploaded.

Despite having everything, the sound still lacks bass (notably compared
to Windows). People are trying various tweaks to get better results, but
then headphones don't work anymore. Dunno if this is something you can
pull some levers on. There are some information here:

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