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Re: Announcing miniDebConf Montreal 2020 -- August 6th to August 9th 2020

>>>>> "Jerome" == Jerome Charaoui <lavamind@debian.org> writes:

    Jerome> Following the announcement of the DebConf20 location, our
    Jerome> desire to participate became incompatible with our
    Jerome> commitment toward the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
    Jerome> (BDS) campaign launched by Palestinian civil society in
    Jerome> 2005. Hence, many active Montreal-based Debian developpers,
    Jerome> along with a number of other Debian developpers, have
    Jerome> decided not to travel to Israel in August 2020 for
    Jerome> DebConf20.

I'm quite frustrated, disappointed and angry reading the above.

I had expressed a fairly strong discomfort with the anti-DC20 messaging
I got from the original contact about Montreal.
I was not expecting this sort of messaging to persist based on our
previous conversations.

I'm going to take a couple of days to calm down before making any
decisions, but this is not appropriate messaging in an event that Debian

In particular, we as a project made a decision about where we were
holding DebConf 20.
It's fine for people not to participate.
It would even be fine for people to  create some mechanism that
harnessed the energy of those who were not participating in a manner
that enhanced or somehow complimented DebConf.
As an example, people  in the elephant in the room BOF at DC19 talked
about working to enhance remote participation.

The above messaging is not that.
The above messaging  comes across as a condemnation of what the project
has decided to do, rather than something that supports our diversity and
compliments DC20 while supporting those who choose not to attend.

So, I'm going to take a couple of days and figure out what an
appropriate response is.

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