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Statistical analysis of the GR systemd

Dear colleagues,

I did a statistical analysis of the outcome of the GR “Init systems and systemd”: https://github.com/rlaboiss/debian-gr-systemd-2019

The abstract of this study is below.

All the best,

Rafael Laboissière


Statistical analysis of the Debian General Resolution “Init systems and systemd” 2019

Copyright © 2020 Rafael Laboissière <rafael@debian.org>

Abstract: In this study, we present a statistical analysis of the
Debian General Resolution: “Init systems and systemd” 2019. Exploratory Factorial Analysis was applied to the tally data, considering each option as a variable and the ranks cast in the ballot as the values for each option. The goal of this study is to understand both the structure of the choices made by the Debian Developers community and how the available options were perceived, in relation to each other. Four factors were obtained from the analysis. The first one can be interpreted as “systemd vs. multiple init implementations”. The second one could be related to the “desire for community cohesion”. The third one follows the result of the Condorcet outcome. Polarization of the community is particularly evidenced by the distribution of scores along the third factor. This study sheds some lights on the subtleties of the voters’ behavior and goes beyond the Condorcet result based on the outranking matrix.

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