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Re: Some thoughts about Diversity and the CoC

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Webster <tdwebste@gmail.com> writes:

    Tim> Debian has no place in the bedroom of its members.
    Tim> No one should force their lifestyle on others.
    Tim> This works both ways.

We have decided through the diversity statement that we are welcoming to
 people regardless of their gender identity.

To be welcoming, we need to exclude and reject behavior that is not
We  take the position that we accept your gender, whatever it is, and
we believe you are the one who knows what that is.

The issue of whether we are welcoming regardless of gender identity has
already been decided; do not bring up the argument again.

In addition, your message implies that you view gender identity as
something that matters just in the bedroom.
Expressing that attitude is not respectful and is inconsistent with the
Debian Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement.
That does not belong in Debian either.

Sam Hartman
Debian Project Leader

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