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Re: Intent to Delegate: Delegation Advisory Group

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Carter <jcc@debian.org> writes:

    Jonathan> Just one thing that I am /slightly/ confused about (which
    Jonathan> means that there might be someone else who is too). The
    Jonathan> topic, and particularly "Delegation Advisory Group" gave
    Jonathan> me the impression that this would be a group of people
    Jonathan> that help you out with delegations specifically,

That is my intent.

    Jonathan> but the
    Jonathan> description in the body seems to imply that this group
    Jonathan> will be a body of general advisors that you can consult as
    Jonathan> a springboard on any topic/problem that concerns the DPL?
    Jonathan> Do I have that right?

I'm a bit confused.

>Task Description

>When requested, the delegation Advisory Group may provide advice to the
>DPL surrounding delegations.  Advice may include advice about the choice
>of delegates, the task description, or the delegation process.  The
>group may be privy to confidential information such as the DPL's
>analysis of possible choices for delegates that is not suitable for
>sharing with the project as a whole.

>If the group is concerned that a particular delegation may not be a
>reasonable choice for the project, they are encouraged to share their
>concerns with the project.  The group decides how widely concerns should
>be shared.

>The group is delegated the power to introduce or amend a general resolution
>overriding a delegation that the DPL makes without requiring other
>developers to second the resolution.

The above text looks fairly delegation-specific to me.
What am I missing?

To be clear, I could totally see reaching out to those people with
non-delegation questions, just as I sometimes reach out to you or
various other people in the project.  But thatwould be purely informal
or would fall under some other delegation (for example talking to
members of the debconf committee about DebConf).

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