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Re: S390x files gone from Debian jessie

On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 5:39 AM D. Herrendoerfer wrote:

> an odd question maybe, but the s390x files seem to have been removed from the Debian Jessie distro servers.

The s390x architecture is not supported by Debian's LTS efforts, we
suggest you upgrade your systems to Debian stretch (and then to Debian
buster when it is released). If you would like s390x to be part of the
Debian stretch LTS, please discuss that with the LTS team.


> Yet, I can’t see that the architecture was dropped .

While s390x is still supported in stretch and will be supported in
future releases, it is not a mainstream architecture like amd64 and
there are very few users of s390x (only 9 systems are known to Debian
via popcon). If you rely on the port, I suggest you install
popularity-contest on your systems and if you are able to, help to
keep the port alive by working on build failures and new hardware


> Did I miss something, or is this something that will be fixed ? Because to me they are rather valuable.

If you still need access to unsupported jessie s390x binaries, you can
get them from the archive and snapshot sites:




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