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Re: 2 minute summary of Debian crisis

On 04/01/2019 21:34, flackjacket5@tutanota.com wrote:> 
> In September, the Leader started a whispering campaign to undermine
> another highly respected developer, the developer finds out at Christmas,
> he is rightly furious, who wouldn't be?

Another point of view here...

The fact that some weeks have passed without the leader denying this direct
allegation suggests there is some truth to it.  Retreating to his inner circle
to come up with a story or belated counter-accusations is completely unacceptable.

The wise thing to do, make this environment a lot healthier if he followed the
recent example of Mr Jackson and issued an unreserved apology and
retraction sooner rather than later.

A response that comprises prevarication, retaliation and retribution
would be disastrous, please do the right thing.

Best regards,


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