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Re: Censorship in Debian

Ian Jackson - 07.01.19, 19:00:
> > For me, any code of conduct and its enforcement needs to be based on
> > actual behavior, never on assuming intentions or assuming about how
> > people are.
> Once again, there is a difference between *assuming* and *inferring*.
> I doubt this will really convince you.  But I couldn't let stand the
> claim that I am *assuming* bad intentions.  I most certainly am not.

I am sorry, that was the conclusion I arrived at as I read your initial 
mail. Thank you for clarifying.

I am still with just looking at behavior for any enforcement, but I 
agree that on repetition of harmful behavior after have been warning, a 
stronger enforcement might be needed.

I am not positive whether that has been the case here, but unless I 
missed I did not yet hear any official statement of anti-harassment or dam 
team. I do not have a complete picture, I wonder whether anyone has. So 
I just let it be as that for now.


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