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€ 500 cash bounty for information / Debian privacy breaches

Hi all,

Chris Lamb has recently suggested[1] that I provided "an entirely
misleading characterisation of the situation"

He then reassures me he has "been nothing but scrupulous and gentlemanly
with regards to your personal privacy"

I don't want to risk spreading fake news or "generalizations".

I'm offering a €500 cash bounty for evidence about the privacy violation.

The first person to send me the proof privately (not on the mailing
list) receives the bounty.

To qualify, the proof needs to show how private information was
transmitted or leaked by the Debian Project Leader, antiharassment team
or account managers team to anybody else outside those teams or not
members of Debian.  It could be private information about  decisions,
any member of the Debian community or anybody else who interacted with us.

My priority is the root cause of this leak.  I don't wish to hold a
grudge against, name or pursue people who received the information and
then repeated it.  If you did repeat the information, you are still
eligible for the bounty but please don't repeat it again.

It is also important for the breach to be resolved internally so please
don't republish the information on this mailing list.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to do so.

Having been promoting Debian for over 20 years, I'm disappointed to be
in a situation like this.  Integrity is priceless though.  For
everything else, there is now a €500 bounty.  If reasonably possible, I
will deliver it in person.  Getting to the truth is in the best
interests of the community and the Debian operating system.



1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2018/12/msg00021.html

Debian Developer

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